The Beginner’s Guide To Being Psychic

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The first steps to being psychic are quite simple. And, it’s not what you might think.

Being psychic is about creating a space from which to be psychic and to read. To do that, we must work with our own energy. It’s about energy, first.

If we haven’t connected in with our own spirit, our own spiritual energy, there’s no way to receive clear messages for ourselves or others. How will we receive them?

We must pave the way, make the roads, create the channels. As in everything, intention is the starting point. Where attention/intention goes, energy flows- so what is your attention on?

Are you paying attention to what others are doing? Are you looking outside of you often? Listening to radio, watching television, reading books, doing what others say?

If so, it’s time to come home. Home is in. Find a way to get yourself present, here and now. And, I happen to have the BEST tools for doing that.

The beginning tools I teach in my How to Heal Yourself teleclass, and that I give away in my Women’s Intuition Toolbox teach you my PROVEN step-by-step system for accessing your abilities and connecting deeply with Self.

I didn’t invent these tools. They’re ancient and passed down through energy schools. They’re the first tools you’ll learn if you enroll in any psychic class. I offer them to you, FREE in my toolbox for beginners.

If you want to go deeper, hold yourself accountable and have even more fun, with bigger breakthroughs, you’ll join with others.

My How to Heal Yourself Teleclass starts soon. Find out more here.

I know it takes something to choose something new. I know it’s much easier to just keep on keeping on. But, you’re ready. You’re willing to throw your hat over the wall and make new choices so you can finally have the kinds of results you’re seeking.

So, take action now, love. It’s time!

Register here.

What will your life be like in on month’s time if you do nothing different? What will it be like if you make a BIG change and head in a new direction?

A small change now makes HUGE shifts down the road. This could change everything.

Being psychic is your birth right. You came in with these abilities. Are you done giving away your power and playing small yet?


All my love,

Rachel Claire

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