The Biggest Block to Being Psychic

The Biggest Block to Being Psychic


When I was pregnant with my daughter, Sophia, I thought I was having a boy. When she was a girl, I remember doubting myself a bit and wondering what happened?

How’d I not know that?

After my daughter was born and my relationship with her father fell apart, rather quickly, I wondered how I had allowed it to proceed.

How did I not see this coming?

When Donald Trump was running for president, people around me said they thought he’d win. I was SURE he wouldn’t. No way.

After all three of these events, I began to doubt myself. What kind of psychic doesn’t know any of that stuff? I started to judge myself. I felt a little embarrassed. More than that, I think I even started to feel ashamed.

I noticed this thought pattern that went something like this:

If people know that my life isn’t perfect, that my relationship didn’t work out, that I didn’t see all these things coming, no one will want to work with me. No one will think I’m valuable or have anything to contribute.

I started to energetically put the brakes on my business. I began to have thoughts like: maybe I should quit.

This was startling to me, as I’ve always said that my business is my life, my dharma, my purpose- I’m in it for life.

Yet, something wasn’t feeling right.

So, I did what any stuck psychic would do. I went and had a psychic reading with a friend. And here’s the thing. There are so many judgments about psychics, who they are, and what they do. Myths. If you are looking for good psychics, check this reliable psychic readers compared by


Here are the top myths about being psychic:


  1. If you’re psychic, you know everything.
  2. If you’re psychic, you predict the future.
  3. If you’re psychic, you can read people’s minds.

In the reading with my friend, she could “hear” that I was doubting my abilities. She could hear that I had a belief going that to really be a really successful psychic, I have to predict the future and be right all the time. BINGO.

Once she said it, I could see it clearly. I knew that to be true. This is what psychics actually often do, they tell us what we’re thinking, or believing, under the surface, that isn’t quite in our full awareness.

Once we can see it, we can work with it, heal it, let it go.

She was so right. After Sophia, and Trump, and my relationship, I was actually feeling like maybe I wasn’t a good psychic. But here’s the thing that I got:

Predicting the future isn’t actually what I do.

When I give a Clairvoyant Healing, there’s a step-by-step process that I use and I’m really good at it. I can see your energy, I see pictures from your guides, or spirit and I can interpret those images. I can see blocks you have, in the form of dis-empowering beliefs, old thought forms, or foreign energy- the thoughts + beliefs of your family and parents, that you’re carrying and thinking are yours.

Just like my friend did for me, I can bring to the light of day the murky unconscious thoughts, just under the surface, keeping you subtly disempowered.

When we have that reflection, when we can see what we’re actually dealing with, it disappears. That’s healing. That’s magic.

I can read past lives and Akashic records. I can complete karmic contracts and remove cords. And all that is really cool. But the most powerful part of any session is actually just bringing those disempowering energies and thoughts to awareness.

Here’s what I say are our biggest blocks to being psychic:


  • Thinking it should look a certain way.
  • Thinking we should be like others.
  • Thinking that psychics are future predictors, mind readers, and always right.

These out-dated stereo types keep us from owning our God given gifts.


We’re all psychic


We all have abilities, talents and powers. These are as unique as our finger prints. No one psychic reader is the same. No one human being is the same.

So, to think that being psychic means one thing, i.e. predicting the future, is silly.

The word psychic means “of the soul.” It’s tapping into that part of us that is infinite energy and always connected to source, and one with all life.

It’s using our soul gifts to show up for another, hold sacred space, and reflect back exactly that which is required to facilitate healing.

How we do this is unique to us. There’s no one way. And you know what?

I bring joy, clarity, empowerment, truth, wisdom and possibility to people. That’s far more powerful, impactful, and beautiful then telling you your future. What good would that do? Is that even real?


So, here’s the thing:

When we start to doubt ourselves, there’s often a thought, an old disempowering belief, lurking in the subconscious.

Fully naming and having awareness of that thought, (belief) and having it reflected back to us, actually frees us. What is the long-term impact, result, effect, of being freed up from being controlled by fear? What’s possible when we can actually CHOOSE something new?

A really small change right now, makes a HUGE difference down the road. 

Psychic work, that is to say, energy work, is often really subtle. Yet ONE disempowering program, brought to the surface, ONE unconscious belief, brought into the light of day, ONE small change in our perception and awareness, makes a HUGE shift in our life and can change everything.


Here’s the biggest block to being psychic:


Thinking that being psychic includes a very specific set of qualities or abilities and that’s that.

Each of us is equipped with our own unique intuitive perceptions and talents + we get to be any kind of psychic we want, and that often DOES NOT include future predicting, scarf wearing or crystal ball gazing.

It’s time we give up past perceptions that keep us limited and own our power and our abilities. Let’s trust that the gifts we have, when shared, matter and make a difference, however they show up, even if it’s different from what’s expected.

Together, we heal. Together, we change the world, one small step at a time, one small awareness at a time.

All my love,


Rachel Claire


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