How to Achieve Your Goals and Be Present When You Have Kids in 5 Steps

How to Achieve Your Goals and Be Present When You Have Kids in 5 Steps

A terrible thing happens when you have a child. Suddenly, you want to live. Like really. A long, healthy, happy life.

Before Sophia, I didn’t care if I lived or died. I mean, I love life, but I wasn’t hell-bent on survival. Ya know, I was okay with whatever happened because I understood that death is part of life, and when my time came, my time came.

Now, there’s some sort of biological hard-wiring changing my brain that makes me acutely aware of my immortality. I’m desperate to live.

I love her. I want to see her thrive + grow. I want to be here for her. If anything happened to her, it’d be hard to go on.

Oh, man. So hard. You see, the thing is this. I believe that when our time comes, it comes. And that’s between you + your maker. Our vibration, our choices, our karma, all align. We pre-plan our death. Ya know, like with our team of angels before we’re born.

And then, a couple of months ago a young couple died in Boulder at a busy intersection near my home. One I travel through often. And I couldn’t help but question my faith. Was it *really* their time? Were they not taken too soon? So young, so talented, so beautiful, so loved!

Yet, here’s the utmost spiritual belief: that we do not die.

If you believe you’re a spirit in a body having an earthly experience, then you know this isn’t the end.

So, getting all worked up over death is fruitless. It’s a game. It’s not real. You’ll see them again.

Yeah. Tell that to a grieving mother. Or a child who loses a parent.


So, though I believe in my heart of hearts that we don’t really die, and that we’ll see our loved ones again, it’s still hard. Death can seem so final.

And, when you have a child, we’re energetically more tied to the karma of the earth. We have a deeper responsibility here. Or some such nonsense.

So, what to do when you’re anxious to get in the car? Or scared to fly? Or you don’t want to leave your child alone for fear that’ll be the last time you see them alive? (These thoughts go through a parent’s mind!)

Well, here’s what I believe we can do:

  1. Ground. Ground yourself, your babe, your car, to the center of the earth. Imagine a tree trunk. A beam of light. Connect it from the root chakra (base of spine) to center of earth.
  2. Set your aura. Set it to a color. Red is grounding. Blue is calming. White and gold are protective.
  3. Set your babe’s aura.
  4. Meditate. Pay attention. Be in your flow. Feel good. Generate, cultivate + spread joyful vibes, so you’re in alignment with life, love, joy. The higher your vibe, the easier + more joyful your flow.
  5. Live your life backwards. At the end of each day, think about your day in reverse order. Each thing you’ve done. Crawled in bed. Brushed teeth. So on and so forth until the first thing in the morning. Be grateful. Do this too with your life goals. When you’re dying on your death bed, what do you imagine you’ll wish you’d done more of? Then, put that thing in your calendar. Plan it. Do more of it.

In this way, our goals become simpler. More achievable. They’ll be goals that are more fulfilling for our lives and can remind us each day to live the small stuff, appreciate the smiles, the laughs, the play, and worry less- for it all has a way of working out anyway, doesn’t it?

Those simple, quick habits can help us be calm, centered, connected to our Self and Spirit, in our flow, protected energetically, and in alignment with ease and grace.

Pushing, rushing, feeling down, not using energy tools, or being grateful, will leave us vulnerable to accidents and even early death. In case there is such a thing.

And that young couple that died? They came to me in a dream shortly after their passing. They were standing before their apartment door. The door was huge and round. They were dressed in white, glowing, and looked so beautiful. They told me it was okay, and they were ready. They said it was time to go. Then, they crossed over the threshold.

That’s all life is, anyway. Thresholds. Transitions. Initiations. Births. Crossing from one room to the next.

And the pain that we feel? It’s all part of awakening our warrior heart. It helps us to use our pain, and that of others, to cultivate loving kindness and compassion.

And, if we believe in a loving creator, we know that all things are always working out for us and we can see the evidence of that in any moment, if we look for it. Well-being is always the dominant presence in any moment.

So, we can rest easy in this:

Life is not just about the outcome we think we want, but the pleasure of the unfolding along the way.


So much love.

To all your crossings,


Rachel Claire


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