The Resurrection of Christ

The Resurrection of Christ

This year, now that Sophia is two, Easter has taken on new levels of fun and joy. I’ve always recognized this time of year as a celebration of the return of the fertility of the earth. I’ve also thought about the story of the resurrection of Christ and all that symbolizes.

However, now, in our new home, it’s a celebration of springtime. We’ve spent this week getting a hummingbird feeder, bird bath, and planting our garden. I look forward to each new year, where it will be a time of preparing the yard and the garden, and celebrating the birds returning and all things new.

The resurrection is a rebirth of life, of fertility. This holiday is an ancient one, that originally celebrated the Goddess. Now, of course, it’s popularly viewed as a Christian holiday, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, from his death on the cross.

I’d like to take this time to share what I believe about Christ, and what the resurrection means for me on deeper levels.

I believe in Christ Consciousness.

To me, God, is in all of us, we are all created from the ONE source. Christ consciousness, this source, is LOVE, pure light.

I think that our purpose here on earth, as spiritual beings in bodies, is to resurrect the light of love and bring it through us here, and now, on earth.

I believe that love, joy, kindness, forgiveness, these beautiful qualities that we can attain and embody, are examples of Christ Consciousness.

When we are conscious, when we are awake and aware and choose to operate as spiritual beings of love and light, we are embodying the essence of the Christ, Christ Consciousness, the teachings of Jesus.

From what I’ve read and understand, through the stories that are told, Jesus was a man. It seems we know that he was a Jewish man, who taught about love, kindness, forgiveness. He embodied the energy of Christ.

When he died on the cross, and was resurrected, he was showing that we are not mortal bodies that die, but everlasting spirits, energy, that goes on forever. He was teaching that even if someone casts stones, and nails us to the cross, we can forgive and love, “for they know not what they do.”

This teacher, Jesus, was sent forth as an Ascended Master, to enlighten humanity about LOVE. This is Christ Consciousness.

I think we’re meant to learn the lessons from this story, more than we’re meant to argue over who he was, or what are the correct teachings, or what religion should we follow??

I think we’re meant to embody the loving energy of Christ, to be Christ-like in our own lives, to recognize that we’re spiritual souls, here to grow and evolve and learn, and we do so by forgiving others, casting no stones, loving, and living our lives in accordance with this high vibration.

So, when I speak of high vibes, or being enlightened, or love and light, I’m speaking of Christ Consciousness. I’m talking about living our lives as Christ, the awakened ONE within.

I don’t think we’re meant to follow a religion, or dogma, or stay tied to the Bible, which likely has been mis-interpreted.

I do think we’re meant to live as Christ lived, awake, aware and in love, knowing that we’re all the sons and daughters of God, the one Source of all that is, here to forgive and love one another as our brothers and sisters.

Right now, for Sophia, Easter is about eggs and bunnies and springtime and birds.

In the future, I can teach her how it’s about fertility, springtime, the Goddess…an ancient celebration of the cycles of the earth and nature and a celebration of growth and resurrection of the grass and the flowers and LIFE after the sallow of winter.

And then, as she grows even older, we’ll talk about Christ, and the resurrection, as a story that reflects our eternal nature, as children of God, and that we’re all Christ, we’re all meant to live a life of awakened LOVE.

Whatever you believe, and however you choose to celebrate, I hope that you revel in the joy and beauty of life here on earth and rest easy in knowing that you’re an eternal spirit, sourced by something greater than you that is LOVE!


May you be blessed with the eternal, loving bounty of your truth, and the over-flowing abundance of life here on earth, and everywhere in Spirit! To infinity and beyond!


All my love,


Rachel Claire




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