Scared to Death to Go for Your Dream?

Scared to Death to Go for Your Dream?

If you’re anything like the people I’ve been talking with lately, you have some major gifts, but you just might be sacred to DEATH to go for your dream!

We’re talking:

  • Empathic abilities (feeling what everyone is feeling!)
  • Claircognizence, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudient (knowing stuff! Seeing stuff! Feeling stuff! Hearing stuff!)
  • Being a bridge (Being able to be in two worlds…helping them to connect!)
  • Savvy entrepreneur (Skills out your wazoo!)


Does this sound like you?

However, many of the women I talk to are also working full time in jobs that pay about $14 an hour.  Como se wha???


It always strikes me…I hear from incredibly powerful, awake, aware, conscious, loving women with SO many tools under their belt and a HUGE desire to be of service and create amazing outcomes or experiences for others and they’re working at a local store?


I get it though. Believe me. I use to be there. 


I was working full time for capped pay. The last years in my teaching career were after the 2008 crash, so even though I was taking on more responsibility and adding years under my belt, my pay was frozen.


I was giving psychic readings over my kitchen table at night and blowing people’s socks off, but during the day I was working way too hard and I was still living paycheck to paycheck. 


I couldn’t imagine leaving, though. It seemed stupid. Why would someone give up a tenured career as a teacher, after spending YEARS and thousands of dollars to get here? What about my reliable paycheck? What about my healthcare?


Why would I give it all up for something that I thought might leave me homeless?


I couldn’t see the whole picture. I couldn’t see the stairs. I could only see the next step.


And this is SO true for everyone I speak to. We want to be assured that it will all work out. We want to see the whole finished product. 


Yet, if we think about it, that’s silly. A painter doesn’t pain only if they know how the whole picture will turn out. A writer doesn’t write only if they know the whole book ahead of time and how it will end.


When it comes to living our dreams + creating a new life, we have to take a BIG risk. 


We actually have to be willing to take that first step and trust, even though we don’t know how it’s going to go.


I didn’t know when I left, and upset my family, and angered my mom, and cashed in my retirement, and spent it all, that I was creating a life where one day, 4 years down the road, I’d be able to stay home with my daughter.


I didn’t know I was creating a lifestyle where I could create my day, craft up awesome offers, work with amazing women, be in my genius, have fun, AND be able to support my daughter, by myself, as a single mama. 


I never could have fully known how it would all work out…and if I could have seen it all, I likely woulda messed it up…where would the urgency be?


I often look back on that girl with so much love and awe. She risked everything for a dream. She didn’t even know the whole dream…


All she knew was that what was currently happening didn’t feel good anymore. It didn’t work. It wasn’t fun. It felt draining.


She knew she wasn’t in her genius, wasn’t being used up in the way she wanted, wasn’t seen in her full gifts and frankly, there had to be better.


It was scary and risky and hard and uncomfortable, but she did it.


And me? Now? I thank Goddess every day that she did, and I’m proud of her…me…the she I was then. Ballsy little chicken!


Here’s what I want you to hear. 


If you’re a spiritual badass woman healer on the planet with a huge gift- you can make WAY more money and have WAY more freedom working for yourself. But it isn’t easy, it takes guts and investment and love + sweat.


And, if you’re dreaming of it, thinking of it, building it, wanting it…Goddess put it in your mind + heart for a REASON!


Don’t let fear run the show. Be willing to take that first step, without the assurance that it will all be okay. Just jump. Trust. Let the love of the future catch you!


If you’re…


  • stuck
  • drained
  • tired
  • fed-up
  • frustrated
  • not sure where your going or how to get there…


The best thing you can do is reach out and get a mentor who has walked that path!


There are steps. There are guides. There are things to do that work well and things to avoid that suck you dry.


Don’t go it alone, find a sister, a friend, a confidant who can believe for you until you believe it too.


Start now, you have no idea what’s waiting for you!!


Be a ballsy chicken!!  😉


All my love,
Rachel Claire



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