I started watching Downton Abbey. What took me soooo long? 

Oh, man. It’s like a great book. Mixed with a juicy Soap Opera and a dash of historical fiction. And the clothes. Oh, the clothes!

I’m in love. Well, I was…for three full seasons until they killed off one of my favorite characters. Now I’m just depressed.

I’m having lots of thoughts about women, our history, how far we’ve come, and how far we still have to go to be fully honored with equal rights.

However, its cleared up a lot around why I struggle sometimes in mamahood.

You see, Downton Abbey is about an family of Aristocrats and their relationships…including with all the service people downstairs.

We see so much about race, class, gender and what was expected in terms of rules regarding class + the relationships you could or could not have…and how people with wealth and power maintain said wealth and power by maintaining those rules…ensuring that there is inequality. You can’t have the wealthy family in power without someone being below them and NOT in power.

Yet, that’s beyond the point I’m making here today. Today, I simply want to point out that in Downton Abbey, there are cooks, housemaids, chauffeurs, gardeners, etc.

It’s no wonder the modern day mama can feel so depressed, isolated and TIRED.

I’m doing it wrong. I’m the gardener, the cook, the house cleaner, the full-time mama, and the CEO. Turns out, I’m supposed to have someone else for each of those tasks. Ah-ha!

Well, I’m not saying I’m in support of servants or going backward, but this is what the tribe provides. The mamas you know today are modern day warriors and we’re often doing at least 5 full-time jobs, on little sleep.

My point? Praise, support and love the mamas you know. Ask what you can do. Surely there’s something, and it’s likely small and little and EVER so helpful.

Reach out to those with small children. Meet up for a chat at the park. Join in for a walk.

Let’s stay connected and support one another wherever we can.



All my love,


Rachel Claire


P.S. If you’re a Downton Abbey fan, leave a message below and let me know. Is it worth it to go on? Can I make it? Does it get better? How could they!? (Who am I kidding, I can’t stop!)


And if you’re not into Downton, are you a mama? What would help create tribe and support for you? Leave a note, let me know, I love to hear from you!