The War on Consciousness


“It is about the sacred, magical, enchanted, interconnected, infinitely precious nature of life on earth & the interdependence of material & spiritual realms.” ~ Graham Hancock

As part of a project in my B School, I was to ask my friends for 3 words that best describe me. The ones that repeated the most were, Passionate. Provocative. Powerful. Playful.

I love that. I am on a mission & that mission is one of spreading the message of our innocence, of love of all things natural, earth, our bodies, spirit.

It’s a passion, it’s playful, it’s provocative & I am powerful.

When I saw this video, those three words came straight to mind. This guy has a very powerful & passionate message and boy is it provocative.

I love what he shares. He speaks to spirit, to our purpose on this planet, to life after death, to ancient secrets, to using the plants of Mother Earth to facilitate our awakening. Wow! Just, wow!

Watch this video. With open eyes, open ears, open mind & open heart.

Hear his passionate plea.

It is time.

Why do I care, you might ask? Why is this a passion?

I’ll tell you…

I believe that we humans are born free. Freedom is not something we must kill for, or die for. Freedom is not something you can go & fight people for and then claim that you gave it to me through your sacrifice.

To me, we are spiritual, infinite, powerful beings created in the likeness of our creator. We are free.

As free beings, I believe that we are capable of great healing, great love, great sharing of our resources. I believe we can create a planet in which all are cared for & all thrive.

I believe that the use of certain medicinal plants can and does provide healing for people of this planet. I believe that a system that pays for war & violence & destruction of the earth’s resources, but allots no right to the people of this planet to experiment with their own consciousness, is no system for me.

I believe that people should have the right to choose how they live & what they do, so long as they are causing no harm to others.

The country in which I reside does not represent me in any way, shape, or form. It is an out-dated system that needs to go.

As long as children are hungry & our men are locked away & sold like slaves in corporate, privately owned prisons for profit, I declare this culture sick.

I will not be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

I will stand for what I believe, and I do not stand alone.

I stand for freedom, true, intrinsic freedom.

I stand for love.

I stand for choice.

I stand for no one & nothing left behind.

I stand for the earth & her beauty being revered, loved, protected.

I stand for the humane treatment of all her beings.

I stand for a radical revolutionary revival of the people.

We will claim our rights as sovereign beings, free to live & walk this land, free from imposed rules made of self-righteous & greedy desires.

You don’t own me. You can’t buy me. You can’t sell me.

My brothers & sisters are awake.

I am awake.

Life is. We are life, life-ing through the vast cosmos of eternity. Do not dare try to stake claim and tell me anything that I can or can’t do based on your sick moral compass.

How ridiculous that we are subject to other people’s morals when it comes to our uterus’ or who we can love, or if we are worth the same pay because of the color of our skin. This system is old. I don’t buy what they tell me, what they sell me, or that they should have any say in my day. The end.

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Thanks for reading & watching.

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Rachel Claire

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