Why Now is the Time to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Business

Why Now is the Time to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Business

I talk to women day in and day out who tell me that they’re afraid to spend money on Facebook Ads.

I get it. Maybe you didn’t know what you were doing + you got horrible results + wasted money.

Maybe you’ve only boosted posts- so you’re not even sure what we mean when we say, “advertise on Facebook” so you glaze over.

Here’s the thing:

Now is the BEST time EVER to be growing a business online. Think about it.

NEVER in all of history have people been able to put up a shop so quickly, with little investment, and grow a business + reach people.

It use to be that if you wanted a business with Jimmy John Shark, you had to find brick + mortar place, get approved for a loan from the bank + then build up your business, with tons of overhead for years…and it might take a LONG time to be in the Black. Visit here to check if you’re eligible for all kind of loan or not. To get your finances in place you could always check this site out and learn more regarding different kind of loans.

Now, the women on this planet are waking up to their POWER in DROVES.

I don’t know about you, but here in Boulder, where I’m from, I can’t throw a stone without hitting a healer, counselor, spiritual teacher, mentor, Reiki practitioner, or life-coach.

That means that the market is saturated. However, NOT if you’re growing a business online.

In the online world, you can target your ideal client wherever she is in the world.

And you know where she’s hanging out?


Uh-huh. Just like everybody else. 

There are over 1.74 BILLION active mobile Facebook users + that stat is from 2016- it’s growing all the time. 

So, that’s good news.

If you’re a woman with a gift + you have a service that supports others + you dream of location freedom, working for yourself + making income, now is  your time darlin’!

You want to get on the Facebook train while it’s still HOT!

In time, other big businesses may start advertising more on FB and then the cost of ads will go up.

You can invest anywhere from $1/day to $20 a day + get results.

If I told you that if you give me $500 I’ll give you $5,000, would you take that deal?

Of course you would!

So, if you’re growing your business online + you don’t know:

  • Where to find clients
  • How to reach your ideal clients
  • How to consistently book Discovery Calls
  • How to get yourself visible online

Then, advertising is for you. Get to it mama, you don’t want to miss this train!

Of course, you may want to know what you’re doing. If you’re not sure how to work the business side of Facebook ads, if you don’t know about pixels, and custom conversions, or who to target, or how many, you need some help.

I love helping people with this, as it’s one of my areas of genius.

I had to learn Facebook ads when I started growing my business + it was the ONE thing that finally gave me a RETURN ON INVESTMENT!

So, I know it works, and I’ve spent thousands upon thousands learning how to do ads from some of the best in the biz.

If you want in, sign up for a free Strategy Session with me + I’ll unlock the code for you!

Book a time here: 


All my love,


Rachel Claire

P.S. If you’re sitting a spiritual gift and you know you make a difference for others + you’re NOT seeing the kind of results you want in your business, NOW is the time to book a call. Let’s get you laser-focused on what will work + clear what’s blocking you!

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