Life After Death

Altar for my loved ones who have passed on to the other side.

In honor of All Saints Day, and El Dia de Los Muertos, and All Hallow’s Eve and Samhain, and Halloween and All Souls Day, I’d like to share my beliefs on death.

I believe we are eternal souls. I believe in reincarnation and that we are born, again and again. I think that when we die, it is not an ending, but a threshold, a doorway, an entry into something else.

Much like birth, death is a descent, the emerging from one womb into another world, the passageway of the vagina could be likened to a canal, a hallway or another passage, that when we die, we pass through to a new place.

I pray to the spirits of my ancestors. I talk to them daily, call them in, invite their support and perspective, welcome their input into my dreams, the coincidences of my life, and my inner knowing.

I thank those around me in spirit multiple times a day for their assistance on my path and I know they are there.

You see, the greatest myth ever told is our separateness from God, from each other. The truth is, we are connected, we are one, we are an extension of source energy expanding outward so we (God) can know ourself. We are here to express our divinity.

We create our reality, we have choice, we live in a free will universe and whether we come in to inhabit a body and live out soul lessons here on this playground we call earth, or whether we inhabit other realms, there is the one life. All that is, is all that is, and it can’t be destroyed. We change form, but we do not die.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, so we may change form, but we don’t cease to exist. Our mind, body and spirit work together to give us access to all that is. Like the pictures of the Buddha eyes all over the body, we can sense with our body, we feel by sensing in, really anchoring in to the body. Our mind can assist in showing us images, helping us understand and recognize messages, information, coincidences. The mind, body and spirit work together for us as we navigate through life. None of these die, or cease.

That which is, is always.

So, during this sacred time of year, where the veils are thin between this world and the ‘other side’ take note of your dreams, your senses, what you feel, the songs you hear, the people who cross your path.

Know that you are part of a beautiful tapestry, woven of your own desires. You are on purpose, and you have full access to everything you want to know. Tune in to your mind, your body, your heart. Pray to those who have passed on, call on them for guidance, know that you are always supported and that we are part of something so much larger than we have ever been taught in this life.

As you are pulled in to the underworld in the darkening nights of this time, use it to know yourself and hear the still, small voice within whispering your way home.

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