What is Christ Consciousness?

Christ walked the Earth to teach of LOVE and forgiveness. Most were not ready for his messages and so, they persecuted him.

“Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

He showed that he was not bound by the laws of their REALITY, he was aware of so much more- AWARE of how to HEAL and walk on water and turn water to wine because he knew that the laws of this realm didn’t apply to him…he knew who he was, ONE with the Father/Mother Creator/Creatress.

Birthless, Deathless, formless…and he came to teach us that we are that too, the same…Christ is a Consciousness, that at its heart can be called LOVE. We all have the seed of Christ in our HEARTS.

We are ONE with Christ and the Creator and therefore, are Christ as well. When we abide as Christ, awaken as Christ and realize we are that…that is when we have HEAVEN awaken on Earth.

Christ has arisen, and arises in each of US.

Will you abide as Christ? Will you BLESS all that arises in the space of now? Will you be love and let yourself be loved and FORGIVE everyone and everything?

Even those who would have you murdered? Could you? Could you be as CHRIST would have you BE and RISE up to forgive thy brother and sister and see the TRUE innocence in all?

This is CHRIST. This, is the message of CHRIST.

“I and my heavenly Father are one. This world is but a passing shimmer and a dream. It holds no value save that which Christ can bring to it. Only love is real. Anything else is the choice to momentarily believe in illusion.”

-The Way of Mastery


You are in the holiest of temples…your Self.

You abide in the perfect moment for your transformation. Nothing limits you at all.So, as you eat candy today, or munch on food, I invite you to think about who needs your forgiveness, who is holding you hostage?

And what are you ready to forgive in yourself? This is the true message of Christ and the first step to awakening the Christ within.

He was also willing to not fit in, to rebel, to question authority, to NOT CONFORM. This was his teaching…BE YOURSELF, know your POWER, FORGIVE your brother.


So much love,

Rachel Claire

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