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Women: Do You Feel Sensual, Sexual & Able to Magnetize Your Desires?

  In honor of Samhain, All Saints Day, All Hallow’s Eve and Halloween, and in honor of our radiant, bright, orange and flowing second chakra, this blog is all about sensuality, sexuality, creativity and emotion, or, the sacral chakra. Located below the navel, our second chakra governs our lower abdomen, pelvis, reproductive system, kidneys, bladder…

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10 Things I Learned from Following My Bliss

I’ve been on a spiritual journey, following my bliss, for over one year now. I once was a full-time career woman, teaching kids all day in an elementary classroom. I was happy & fulfilled, until one day, I wasn’t. The call (of my soul) was quiet at first. Subtle thoughts, quiet rebellion, arising inside. Soon,…

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