Opportunities for Travel, Yoga, Creativity & Connection: An Interview with Una Paradox

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It is such a joy to introduce to you Una Viggiani, artist, yogini, teacher, leader, workshop facilitator.

Click play and settle in for my interview with this dynamic & powerful woman.

If you want to find out more about Una, or wish to join her on one of her many exotic adventures, click here to visit her website.

 I find Una to be an inspiration for powerful, purposeful living and I bet you will, too!

In our interview, we touch on many exciting people, places and opportunities.

For starters, The Neurosculpting Institute, a profound place to play & study. How does changing the wiring in your brain sound? Click here for more info.

Lisa Wimberger, creator of The Neuroscultping Institute, who will be leading the amazing trip to Guatemala with Una can be found here, too. Perhaps you’ve heard of her book, New Beliefs, New Brain?

Aumrak is a beloved Shaman & Healer. Find out more about her here.

Clearly, Una is living a life of contribution, power and purpose! Thanks, Una!

Much love,

Rachel Claire

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  1. I didn’t realize that my audio boom machine was on and in the room with us. So, Una’s voice has an echo. Forgive me my technical difficulties and enjoy this delicious interview!

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