5 Ways to Land Your Dream Job with Grace & Ease


I’m astounded that I found the position I did.

What’s more, it was easy. So. very. easy.

Granted, the years of work I’d put in prior were not. I’ve been training myself & honing my craft for the past ten years.

Today, I know that that hard work has paid off.

Did you see this great video of Ashton Kutcher?

He says that opportunity often looks a lot like hard work. I think he’s right.

I’ve worked hard. Opportunity has come and it’s better than I ever imagined it could be.

When I cashed in my retirement & resigned from my teaching career, I was excited & scared. I knew that I was no longer working a job that was in alignment with my values & I had to take a risk and leave.

I believed that if I was willing to risk & willing to honor my heart & my beliefs, spirit would support me, life would sustain me, magic would arise.

This last year was full of hard work, as I’ve built up my business, grieved my old career, and written my first novel. 

I’ve visited hard-edges in my own psyche, places I’ve been scared to go, lines I’ve never crossed.

I pushed the boundary of my cage and made more space for me. 

I didn’t know what opportunities would come, how life would look, but I believed. I believed so hard. 

I’ve prayed. I’ve talked to my angels & guides. I’ve written down my dream. I’ve day-dreamed. I’ve shared my desires with others.

I believe that my commitment to higher law, to following my heart over money & safety, have led me to a place I never knew existed, that is better than I’d hoped it could be & is truly the fruition of all those dark nights of silent hope.

If I can attest to anything, it is that we must always be willing to risk letting go when we know it is time.

We must be willing to side with ourselves, sense when we are not fulfilled, admit it to ourself & others and take action to let it go.

It is scary. We may receive heart-breaking opposition from ones we love.

We may feel that we are breaking our own hearts as we let go of what we’ve known. We may wonder if we are crazy.

Yet, new worlds, new possibilities, they are birthed in our hearts, in a deep, sacred place within that has no words.

Attempting to tell the dreams of our hearts to others is always, ultimately, fruitless. 

We can happen upon words that feel, as Mark Twain said, “electrically prompt,” but still, the magic of the infinite space of our sacred heart, the place that birthed us, the creator that loves us, these powers are beyond mere words in the English language.

So, we act out our courage. We take small steps, everyday, toward a horizon we can only hope exists.

We journey in our minds & hearts, we explore our inner space. 

We let ourselves be moved by others & we feel the gentle tug of our inner-most yearnings prompting us ever onward.

We are mighty souls, infinite beings, vast creatures of pure potentiality, awakening to our power, scared sometimes in the night, but ever courageous in the line of fire.

When the time comes, we know to pull the trigger. 

When the time comes, we leap, we jump, we lift off and we land, always, on solid ground.

I’m at a school now where I am honored. I am valued. My talents are noticed, acknowledged, and invited.

I am seen. What I give is received & that energy is reciprocated.

In order to show up fully and offer our gifts, we must first honor them in ourselves and know what they are. 

In my greatest act of self-love yet, I left a career that was devoid of soul.

I stepped into the unknown and trusted in spirit.

I imagined what I wanted. I wrote about it. I got clear on what I desired.

Then, I waited. 

When I found this position, I was not avidly searching for a job.

In fact, as is often the case, it came in the final hour. 

One day, I just thought, I think I’ll check Craig’s List right now.

I heard that voice & I listened.

I’d not checked it before that day, nor after.

I found a job that was not exactly my dream job, but seemed great.

After interviewing, they changed it around to better fit me.

I got the room I wanted.

I got the hours I wanted.

I got the pay I wanted.

I got the benefits I wanted.

I got a chef.

A MacBook Pro.

Vacation time.

A bonus check.

Small class sizes.

Great kids.

My favorite subject to teach.

In the interview, I realized they actually were interested in my educational philosophy.

I was excited, hopeful, but I surrendered it to spirit & let it go.

The offer came. 

I accepted.

None of it was hard.

In all of it, I was me.

I was honest, open, real. 

I never pretended, I never tried to offer “buzz” words or to say what I thought they wanted to hear.

I was true.

In the end, I got the job.

Since then, I’ve had moments of dejavu.

I’ve had memories of dreams of this place.

I feel like all my talents and gifts as an educator are finally being recognized and put to good use. 

I feel like a woman of deep heart and sharp mind, sought after for her ability to contribute.

I am a woman coming into my own power, accepting it, honoring it, owning it, and offering it- not from a place of ego- but from a deep desire to serve.

I’m astounded at the ease & grace with which I received this new position, but I know it is the fruition of a lot of hard work.  

When the pay off comes, the flood-gates open, and the water rushes in.

When it’s time to receive, we receive. There’s nothing hard about it; only our resistance makes it so. 

So, you want a dream job? Do these 5 things:

1. Work hard at what you love.

2. Ask, What else is possible?

2. Ask, How does it get better than this?

3. Journal your desires.

4. Daydream about what you want. See it. Feel it. Be in it, like you would a movie.

5. When you strike upon it (or something like it) show up, take action, even if it doesn’t seem quite right. Be open and willing to show up for what shows up. (This is the receiving part and often what we think we want doesn’t come the way we think it should.)

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In the end, we each forge our own path, but I share with you today to offer some insight from my own journey in the hopes that it can make a difference for you.

We can have even better than we think we can, yet, we have to be willing to let go of that to which we cling.

Here’s to life’s endless paradox…let go to receive!

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Thank you!


Rachel Claire

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