Intuition is the Language of Your Soul, Are You Fluent?

I told her about my Grandma Jackie

That she was so loving and kind and that she died in a nursing home with Dementia. I shared that she grew up in the hills, took care of her sick parents starting in the eighth grade and so never finished school. I shared that she loved her family and God very much.

Then, James, our leader, instructed her to close her eyes and invite the spirit of my grandma in. To let her come close, very close, take on her very essence. Then, after many minutes, he instructed her to open her eyes.

My partner was a demure woman in her fifties. Slender, blonde hair, and had been very reserved all day. So, you can imagine my surprise when she opened her eyes and shook me and grabbed me and said I just want to shake you I love you and miss you so much!! I just want to squeeze you!!

I burst into tears and received the essence of Grandma Jackie through this medium.

It was SO like my grandma. My mother always tells a story of grandma opening the door and shaking her and saying, “I love you, my chicken Mc Groover!”

She always grabbed us and squeezed us and shook us, as she was so passionate in her love for us.

This woman picked up on that for sure. This seemingly quiet, timid woman was now doing the very thing my grandma always did.

And, I had not let on about that at all, in fact, I’d forgotten completely about that characteristic of my grandma until she was shaking me and squeezing me and telling me she missed me…she was right there with me, again.

In that moment I realized the truth of what James had been saying all along, that our loved ones who have crossed over have not left us.

They are here with us.

You see, we are souls. All of us.

We are here on earth, in school, learning lessons. We never die and we are not separate and when we cross over, we will be at peace, we will be reunited with our loved ones and we will be in joy, experiencing the bliss of creativity and expression and love that many of us don’t experience here.

James said that never once has he met a soul whose crossed over who wasn’t happier over there. He says, we do not have pain in death, it is a peaceful, easy release and then we are in a light and love that some of us have always longed for since our birth here on earth.

So, heed this reminder for you today, from the other side, your loved ones in spirit, that life is about love and you are not alone, you are guided, you are loved, you are supported in spirit and it will all be okay.

Remember to raise the energy wherever you go, in anyway you can, uplift, share, laugh, spread your love.

This is your purpose, your mission, and as you do, you will alter the outcome of your life, you will raise your vibration and therefore the vibration for all of us on the planet and you will watch your life unfold in magical ways.

There is way more going on here than we realize. We are divinely guided. We are constantly receiving love and guidance from those who support us in spirit.

Ask for your signs, follow those signs, open to love, rejoice.

You are a soul, a forever soul.

Your intuition is the language of your soul. 

Learn your true language, speak your truth, be who you are, shine your light.

Who cares what others think of you? You are here to be you!

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Get fluent in the language of your soul…

To your Soulful life,

Rachel Claire



    1. Thank you, Lisa! Thanks for sharing that you found value, I am glad you could connect, it’s an amazing reminder that we are infinite and we never die! Much love and light! xo

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