What is The Higher Self and How Do We Access It?

Higher Self. Healing. Intuition. Psychic.

” Love is untarnished by anything that has happened in the material world.”

~ Marianne Williamson, The Gift of Change.

The Higher Self is the part of us that is still one with Source Energy.

Imagine that you are a being of light and that you exist in multiple dimensions, in multiples spaces and places all at once.

When you chose to incarnate here in the 3d physical world, not all of you could fit into a dense body.

Part of you still exists in a higher realm, on other levels. There is your soul, or over soul, the source energy part of you, some may call it God, perhaps, that guides you, that is you, that you have access to, that loves you.

Your soul planned your incarnation.

You picked your parents, where you’d live, your race, religion and socio-ecomonomic background for the precise lessons you wanted to learn.

When you entered this life, you grew and went through various levels of growth and biological changes, but that wise, omnipresent, bigger part of you was always there, guiding you on.

I love to imagine my Higher Self, that She loves me so much.

She sees me, knows my talents and gifts, she knows the truth of my heart, how much I try, how much I love, how much I can achieve. I am never alone, for she, me, we are always together.

She paves the way for me, nudges me in the right direction and gives me warnings when I’m about to divert from my highest path. 

If I do make mistakes, she reminds me that it doesn’t matter, it’s okay, and helps me to realize the lesson and gift in every moment, every situation, every relationship.

She is the one who knows that all is unfolding perfectly, there are no mistakes, and nothing that happens is ever wrong. 

She is who I call upon in the late hours when I am weak.

She is who I call upon in the early morning when I need faith to lead me through my day.

She is a hand to hold, a shoulder to temper me when I lose my balance. She is a pillar of strength and a source of love and inspiration. 

I know that I am held, I am safe, I am guided. She walks along side me, always.

She is my God self, my Higher Self and my infinite soul, she is me. Holy, free. 

To access her, I find silence. I sit in stillness.

I dream and pay attention to what I feel.

I journal.

I write and I dance.

I gaze at the clouds, watch the spirit of the water as it ripples by.

I laugh.

I hold my loved ones.

I cry and release rivers of tears.

I play with animals.

I say thank you.

She is always there, and in moments of rhythmic breathing, when all seems to be total peace, I merge with her.

She is me, divine, forever free.

Okay, that’s all well and good, but let’s not get carried away, I’m not always floating in unison with my Higher Self, feeling Godlike. 

So why are we not already always functioning at a higher level of spiritual mastery?

What holds many of us back, as Marianne Williamson says in her book, The Gift of Change, “is not spiritual ignorance, but spiritual laziness. We know many of the principles of higher consciousness, we’re just too mentally and emotionally undisciplined to apply them universally. We apply forgiveness where it’s easy, faith where it seems to make rational sense, and love where it’s convenient. We’re serious, but not really…”

It isn’t easy giving birth to our spiritual potential, but the good news is that we are waking up, we are changing. 

I love the way Marianne says it here...

“Spiritual labor can be very arduous-one holy instant at a time when we give it up, surrender, soften, don’t care if we’re right, forego our impatience, detach from the opinions and prizes of the world, and rest in the arms of God….but the end result is the love of our lives. We begin to feel more comfortable within ourselves, less laden by the chronic angst that marks the times in which we live…we begin to exhibit the maturity and strength that we were lacking in our personalities before.”

The problem so many of us face, is that we don’t know who we are. 

We must recognize who we are, that we are LOVE, that we are as GOD created us, this IS the most important thing we can do in any instant.

Marianne goes on to say, “Every morning as we wake up, we can bless the world. We can pray to be servants today to something holy and true. We can take a deep breath and surrender ourselves to God’s plan for our lives, And when we do, we will experience miracles. For working miracles is the calling of our soul.”

“Few mortals have even scratched the surface of the potential genius we all possess and will one day realize.” ~ Marianne Williamson

If you are ready to tap into the truth of who you are, to heal and recognize that you are made of love, if you are willing to tap your inner genius and choose something new, I want to serve you. 

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Love and miracles, from my Higher Self to Yours,

Rachel Claire

“The mind cannot serve two masters, and when we forget the TRUE one, we falsely bow before the other. When we mentally identify with the realm of the body, we see scarcity and death. When we mentally identify with the realm of the spirit, we see endless love, unlimited possibility, and the oneness of all things.” ~ Marianne Williamson

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