My Favorite Things


Dear One,

I want to share some of my favorite things with you!

I love when friends share amazing new things with me, and hopefully you’ll find something on this list that you enjoy!

I’ve included only items that I use regularly and love!

1. – these are great to drink at night to help relax and sleep well.

2. Gray Matter Batter essential oil- this oil will wake you right up! I keep mine with me at all times and use it for a quick lift!

3. Baggallini purse– Designed by flight attendants, these purses and bags are so great for keeping organized.

4. Melatonin– helps me sleep on a night when my mind is racing! Best to take an hour before bed.

5. Argan Oil– Considered “liquid gold” this oil is great for your hair and skin.

6. Om Girl pants– cute and colorful!

7. Kundalini Yoga– the best way I’ve found to get high naturally!

8. Autumn Teneyl clothing– local designer, beautiful clothes!

9. Incense- My favorite is Shoyeido.

10. Yerba Mate– so great to wake you up and have you feel clear!

11. Anthropologie’s candle called, “Volcano.” I love this so much, it smells so good!

12. Microwavable heat warmers-Stick them in your bed at your feet on cold winter nights, or wrap around your neck for tight shoulder muscles.

13. Party in my Pants– I love having my moon time now! I use these re-usable and fun patterned prints.

14. Carnation flowers- they are affordable and last much longer than other flowers.

15. Kindle– I love to read on the elliptical at the gym and get instant downloads!

16. Camelback Water Bottle with the bite & suck- This water bottle makes me drink more water because it is easy and fun to suck!

17. Cozy pajamas– I love matching pajama tops and bottoms that are cozy and sexy to lounge in. I shop Victoria’s Secret or Marshall’s.

18. Pangea handcream- this cream is to die for! Shop now!

19. Electric Kettle- this helps me make tea very quickly on early mornings when I’ve got to get out the door!

20. Sesame Seed Oil– this is what I lather my body with after a shower or bath in the winter time. It is very warming.

21. Neti Pot- How does anyone live without one of these? I love it! I feel clean and clear!

22. Rose Water Spritzer– You can find this at most natural food stores and it is wonderful for grief, tuning into your feminine energy, or just an invigorating spray in the morning or before sleep! Enjoy!

23. Essential oil diffusers and burners. I burn these at home and use a diffuser in my work place for wonderfully healing & calming smells.

24. The book, Seasons of Aromatherapy is such a great resource for living and healing naturally. Check it out and heal you and your whole family, naturally.

25. Palo Santo sticks– These are healing & wonderfully aromatic. It soothes my soul whenever I burn these.


What are some of your favorite things?

Please share with us in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you, I love learning of new yummy things!

With warm wishes,


Rachel Claire


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