What is Spirituality and How Do You Live a Spiritual Life?


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Elementary school is the first time I remember that I began to inquire about the nature of life. I wondered where I came from and what it was all for? I remember a longing in my soul to know the truth, to understand beyond what I’d found in the material world.

In my twenties is when I began to actively seek answers through books and counselors and guides. When people first spoke to me of past lives, or spirit, or beings of light from other dimensions, I didn’t flinch. Something inside of me just always knew those things to be possible and true for me.

I believe that everyone, at some point, will come to the day when they begin to seek the answers to life’s deep questions. And, as we seek, so shall we find.

The proverbial Rabbit Hole is vast, and leads, potentially, to ever more questions.

What I know for sure on my journey so far is that what has value is what is real. What is real is what is lasting.

A Course in Miracles says that, “Only love is real.”

I believe that who we are at our essence is love. That is spirit, that is what the eternal is made of, pure love.

We are spiritual beings in a body having an earthly experience. We do have a part of us that is eternal, that doesn’t end and does not begin.

We are birthless, deathless. We are the eternal consciousness, the light, the love, the essence of energy that is within all things. Some call it the Holy Spirit, some call it Kundalini, others call it Prana or Chi.

Whatever you call it, you are it.

Once we begin to travel inward, we begin to connect with what is real, what is valuable and what is lasting.

Home is in.

Most people are travelling outward, seeking pleasure and joy in the external. There you will find things that can be lost, things that decay and wither and turn to dust.

So, the spiritual journey is one of connecting to all that is real. And therein, lies the Kingdom of Heaven.

Spirituality is knowing that you are a spirit. Living a spiritual life is connecting to that spirit within, relating to yourself as an infinite being, going within and cultivating your light, so you can be who you really are and share that with the world.

In essence, living a spiritual life means removing whatever is in the way of being you and sharing yourself fully with the world.

If I could offer a guidepost for the way, I think forgiveness is a good place to start. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Let love rule.

If you’d like to connect more deeply with the part of you that is eternal, real and lasting, download my FREE report and sign up for a free strategy session. Let’s go deep within and see what’s true.

Happy travelling.


Rachel Claire

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