How to Feel Better and Be Divinely Guided in Two Easy Steps

ID-10099322So often people come to me feeling sad, out of sorts and confused. The first question I ask is:

Who does that belong to?

We are all so psychic and have way more awareness than we give ourselves credit for. We pick up stuff from people all the time & then we start to feel heavy, confused and sad.

Why? It’s not ours! That’s why! 

What’s heavy is a lie, and what is light is the truth. 

Try it now and see: ask yourself if you want to do something and tune into your energy in your body.

Does it feel light or heavy?

The two tools you could use everyday to feel better & live a guided life are as follows:

1. Ask: Who does this belong to? 

Is it mine, someone else’s or something else?

If it’s something else, 95% of the time it’s the earths, so contribute energy to her. She misses us! We need to connect more with our earth mother. 

If it’s someone else’s say to yourself or out loud: “Return to sender with consciousness.”

2. Is it light or heavy?

Again, light is truth. Heavy is a lie. If you’re bummed out, then you’re buying into a lie. What if you could focus on what feels light?

That doesn’t mean being positive all the time, that’s crap. It does mean having your awareness, perceiving things, but choosing to focus your energy on what feels light.

Do you believe you’re an infinite being? For what reason would an infinite being choose to focus on and be upset by a lie?

With just these two simple tools, you could change your whole life. Don’t take my word for it. Give it a try. Start asking 10 times a day, “Who does this belong to?” and see what happens.

You may start clearing away energy that is not yours, which will leave you with more of YOU!

How great is that?!

If you’d like to learn more tools to free you up to be the potent, powerful being you truly BE, I’d love to work with you! Download your free report up above and we’ll hop on a call and see if we’re a good fit!


Rachel Claire


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