Heal Your Inner Child and Share Your Heart Art

291911_533063843417011_1648118382_nI remember driving in my car, wind in my hair, with Alanis Morisette blasting on the radio. Her raw, angry lyrics opened up a part of me, gave me permission.

Being a psychic is about having permission. We give ourselves permission to see and be seen, we give ourselves permission to heal and let go of other people’s energy so we are senior in our space.

Above all, we give ourselves permission to be who we are and share our art and creativity.

This increases our havingness.

Alanis was on Super Soul Sunday, and she shared that for her, creating art is about our inner child. That delicate part of us inside.

The work I do, my art, is about the inner-child for sure.

Often, when I read someone, the conversation will be about healing their inner-child, the little one within.

Let’s imagine that we were born into the world- bright, shining beings with so much pure innocence and love to share, and then we were met with the hardened hearts of those around us, or family members who held limiting beliefs, or people who weren’t happy and we absorbed some of that energy.

Even from in utero, we absorbed the sounds, feelings, and energy that surrounded us. Any fears that our mother had, or the people around our mother, would have been transported to us.

As Harville Hendrix says, in Getting the Love You Want:

We all started out life whole and vital, eager for life’s adventures, but we had a perilous pilgrimage through childhood. To one degree or another, we were all wounded by our caretakers’ intrusiveness or neglect. In fact, some of that wounding took place in the first few months of our lives.

From very early on, we may have been exposed to beliefs or fears that were not in service of our light, our brightness, and our right to shine.

So, we dimmed our light. We adjusted to fit in. We took on the beliefs of others and resigned ourselves to fit the mold.

Eventually, when we choose to grow spiritually, we come to a point where we must shed the skin of the past.

We must heal. This means healing the wounds of that little child who took on junk that wasn’t true and limited her/his capacities.

In truly sharing our art, we share our heart. To share our heart, we have to open ourselves, be vulnerable. This takes nurturing and caring for the little one within who didn’t feel it was safe to just be.

For me, it helps sometimes to imagine my little girl. The scared one inside who is afraid. In the here and now, I get to comfort her and care for her the way she deserves.

Though my wounded-child may not have been nurtured in the healthy way she needed, the adult Rachel can come in and nurture, hold, console and protect.

I can whisper loving words of approval to my heart and heal the ancient wounds that require the salve, or balm of a loving tongue and a healing hand.

So it is, in life, when we are birthing creative projects, that we are birthing from within…and this place within may be a tender baby place…a soft, vulnerable space- which is why being an entrepreneur or artist can feel so wildly triggering at times.

All the places inside where we feel we are inadequate or less than are amplified. And so it is, that we get to show up, and deliver our service and our love in the way we see fit, after first nurturing the babe within; for it is her dreams, her heart, that are finally ready to come forth unto the world.

May you treat your inner fragile parts, and your tender art (heart) and your vulnerable spaces, with the utmost tenderness and care.

May you find soft spaces of nurturing as you return yourself to wholeness.

For more ways to nurture your inner-wounded child, so that you can have the relationships you desire, and ultimately use those for healing and to support your creativity in the world, check out Getting the Love You Want 

All my love,

Rachel Claire

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