Rituals for Creating Your Shining New Year


Happy New Year, my love!

I took a wonderful vacation from my normal routine + biz. I went to Florida with my love, swam in the ocean, buried my toes in the warm sand, gazed at the sky as I soaked up the sun and dreamt about what wonderful new miracles await!

Then, I came home to Boulder (to freezing temps & a blizzard- yikes!) and got started with crafting my new year’s goals.

I’d love to share my New Year’s Rituals with you! What an inspiring time this is to complete the past year, release it and let go, and create anew!

Here are my rituals:


Clean out my closets. Every year in the winter during vacation I go through my closets. I ensure that all summer clothes have been moved to bins and that I only have current (winter) clothes in my closets. I am so into Feng Shui that my clothes are all organized by color.

If I don’t love it, if I don’t wear it, if it’s not a representation of where I’m going, then it goes! If it’s stained, ripped, needs repair, has holes, it goes!

Reflect on and release my year + plan my next year. I do this with Leonie Dawson’s awesome Biz planner. Get it and try it out!

It’s amazing and her calendar keeps me on track all year long with setting monthly income goals! Whatever our attention is on grows- so focus on money goals each month and grow your income!

Buy myself an awesome christmas present. This year was the new iphone 6. In gold. Oh yeah.

Buy one new wonderfully, warm something. A new Patagonia coat this year for me- woop! In my favorite color, teal.

Buy a “new ideas” notebook for my business. I keep it simple. Usually something from Target, like their “greenroom” products made from recycled paper.

Buy new colorful pensEvery task is more fun with colorful pens!

Think about where I was this time last year and what has changed in life + love. Give thanks. Celebrate. Bless it. Let it go.

Money Date. I look at my accounts. Track all my expenses and income from the previous year. I set new money goals based on what I discovered. For example, I spent way more this year on continuing education than I planned. This next year, I’ll cut back on that spending.

This is what I accomplished this year:

  • Grew my biz! Yay! (Doubled my newsletter list, grew my social media following, published over 50 blogs, wrote over 50 newsletters, gained new clients, raised my prices!)
  • Showed patience, love, fortitude, calmness, perseverance, humor, frustration and compassion to the young people I teach and guide.
  • Grew and enjoyed a loving, nurturing and honoring relationship.
  • Got a new custom bike and started bike riding.
  • Made new friends in my hometown of Boulder.
  • Started frequenting new places.
  • Got over my Starbucks addiction and started buying coffee from local places.
  • Bought a new bed, fit for a queen!

Took the following courses:


What did you create this year? What are you celebrating and releasing? I’d love to hear from you!

Adios 2014, welcome 2015!

What grand & glorious adventures await!?

Thanks for joining with me today!

Much love,


Rachel Claire

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