What is Spiritual Growth?


As I grow in my work, I’m more and more certain that the work I do is about empowering the Divine Feminine.

The arts of women’s intuition, psychic work, spiritual work, being an oracle, having visions, developing creativity, healing- these are ancient practices of the Divine Feminine.

There are ways to enhance this energy, to awaken to our truth and to know who we really are. These practices have been hidden, lost and forbidden.

Today, we can choose to heal. Today, we can choose to awaken and to know ourselves for who we really are. These practices, long lost, are returning and available today, if we find the right teachers.

I am one such teacher. I’ve spent years learning the spiritual and healing arts. To heal powerfully & consciously, we must make growing spiritually a high priority.

What is Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual growth includes the following:

1. Have a vision

2. Let go

3. Forgive yourself

4. Become more of yourself & manage your spiritual energy

That’s spiritual growth. I teach women to envision, to have vision, to understand vision. Then, I teach letting go.

Letting of energy that no longer serves. Letting go of controlling the outcome. I also teach forgiveness. Forgiving self and others.

Finally, the practices that I teach and use are about becoming more of yourself- managing your spiritual energy.

Why is that important? The more we manage our energy, the more we bring in our spiritual energy, through healing and releasing old, stuck energy, the more we have space for our spiritual information- which means we will have more certainty, we will be more of ourselves.

It is time that we women awaken to our power. It is time that we shed the limiting beliefs of the past. It is time that we know that we can heal ourselves, that we are powerful beyond measure.

The Divine Feminine is whole, loving, empowered, capable of generous giving. We are She. If we remain unconscious and in pain, then we can’t do the work we are here to do.

The truth is, we are always healing. We burn. We grow. We burn. We grow. If we have too much unconscious energy in our space, we’ll go into a growth spurt because we can’t channel energy from our higher chakras.

To navigate change, growth spurts, pain, releasing karma, we can connect within, meditate, run energy consciously and facilitate our own consciousness and healing. We must.

As the Dalai Lama said…

The world will be saved by the Western woman.

We are the ones and it starts within. We must take responsibility for our own healing and growth and then turn and teach others.

Today, I offer a teaching and meditation for you. In the audio, learn the following:

  • How to ground to the earth
  • How to set your energetic boundary
  • How to run earth & cosmic energies
  • How to replenish your own energy
  • How to nourish your chakras
  • How to heal yourself

Start now by listening in on my meditation and teaching. Just for you. Click here.

Thanks for joining with me today.


Rachel Claire



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