How to Tune in to Your Purpose

There’s a lot of talk out there about finding your purpose. What’s your purpose? Do you know?

From a spiritual perspective, I believe that our purpose, in general, as human beings, is two-fold. First, it’s to wake up out of the dream of thought. What do I mean by “the dream of thought?” Eckhart Tolle talks about this in his book The Power of Now and Stillness Speaks. (If you haven’t read these books, you must!)

You know that voice in your mind that narrates everything? It’s the one that may have just said, “What voice?” That one. It’s the ego, the thinking mind. It is designed to be our ally, but when it runs the show, and we are unconscious to the fact that we are not that voice, it gets us into trouble.

In yoga traditions, they call it the monkey mind, chitta rita. 

The thing is, we are not our minds. We are not the repetative voices that spin in our heads. We are not our pain thoughts, our competition thoughts, or the thoughts that make us seemingly separate from others. We are the awareness behind the thoughts.

We are consciousness itself. Eckhart says that humanity must wake up out of the dream of thought, that this is spiritual awakening and it is necessary if we are to not destroy ourselves.

So, I believe that our first priority as a human being, that is to say, our purpose, is to wake up from our thoughts, and identification with the mind, and realize who we really are- consciousness, awareness, primordial energy. Knowing this is real power.

The second purpose of humanity, once aware of and working on waking up from the dream of thought, is to share with others. To teach and share our awareness and realizations with others is a great purpose. Love, affection, wisdom, when shared, change the world.

I also believe that we, as individuals, have purposes in our personal lives as well. Beyond the human purpose, that is the same for all individuals, we each have a “blue-print” in my belief system, of what we’re meant to do this life-time. I think said blue-print is based off of what we planned in spirit before we incarnated here on Earth.

I believe it is our karma, things we need to make right, people we need to forgive and relationships we need to heal. Then, there’s our talents that we can make use of, things like healing ability, or musical ability, which may come from many life times of practice.

In readings with clients, I can clearly see gifts people have- healing abilities, talents, natural affinities for things that could help heal and bring joy.

It is our purpose to wake up, and to share our love and wisdom, and it is our purpose to uncover the things we enjoy doing- we know what those things are because of how we feel when we give them to ourselves. This is self-love.

We must pay attention to repeating thoughts, cravings, and desires that are in our awareness. The voice of spirit is gentle- as they say, it’s a “still, small, voice.” Then, we must take action to feed ourselves said desires.

For me, it comes often in the form of writing- I think about it, love it, crave it like chocolate, and then, when I give it to myself, which is key, I feel satiated, satisfied and fulfilled.

This is how our guidance speaks to us, it gives us thoughts, dreams, nudgings, desires, and it’s our job to notice and then take action. We must do it with lightness, play, and child-like wonder- allowing ourselves to try out different activities until we strike upon the one- that which gives us a zing! or zest for life!

If you’d like to receive guidance around your purpose, your talents, skills and authentic desires, and if you’d like to release energy in the way of you acting on those desires and feeding yourself what feels good, get a reading. 

I hope to work with you!


Rachel Claire


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