The Power of Comfort to Transform Your Life


In days to come,
When your heart feels undone;
May you always find an open hand
And take comfort wherever you can, you can, you can.

And oh, It’s a strange place
And oh, everyone with a different face.
But just like you thought when you stopped here to linger,
We’re only as seperate as your little fingers.

So cry, why not?
We all do.
Then turn to the one you love.
And smile a smile that lights up all the room.
And follow your dreams,
In through every out door…
It seems that’s what we’re here for. ~Deb Talan

In the past, I’ve been a “people pleaser.” I’m sure you can’t relate at all.

I often feel that I must help, be on my feet, do for others.

Part of being a psychic child meant that I could run “psychic circles” around people, anticipating their every need and providing it.

This habit began to change as I evolved into a more mature woman. I stopped using all my spiritual energy to uplift and support others, and started reflecting it back on self.

We’re trained with such messages as females. Be seen and not heard. Be of service. Help others. Sacrifice self. 

I think this way of being is natural for many women, especially psychic, sensitive, caring women.

Being pregnant, I’ve learned the art of comfort. I realized early on that my number one concern, no matter what was going on around me, was to ensure my own comfort.

I liken it to the metaphor of being on a plane, and I think it applies to any area of our life where we are experiencing turbulence.

If we’re on a plane, and it’s bumpy, the best we can do is ensure our own comfort. We can prop our feet, get a blanket, grab a pillow, put our tunes and books in the seat pocket in front of us, have our eye shades, ear plugs, water.

In essence, no matter what’s going on around us, we can make sure we have everything we need.

Being pregnant, I have but one main concern. Ensuring my own safety and comfort.

Though I think my travels on my spiritual path have shown me the importance of self-nurturing and self-care as a necessity to navigating the world, and being full up on my own resources, so I can give and extend love to others- pregnancy has taken it to a whole new level.

I have a sanctuary in my home with my yoga mat unrolled at all times. Upon it lies a sheepskin rug. On that are blankets, bolsters, and pillows.

Just about every day, I practice relaxation with conscious intention. I prop my legs and lie down on my side. I sit in easy position. I make room for myself and my changing body.

At night, I sleep with an incredible pillow, that offers tremendous support to my legs, hips and belly.

As I’ve walked through my life each day, growing a baby deep in my womb, I’ve had my eye on one thing: my peace, my calm, my comfort.

For the first time in my life, I’ve given myself full permission to not get up to serve others. To not over-extend to be helpful, and thus compromise my own body or comfort.

I’ve enjoyed not having a “job” I run off to. I’ve quit over-working or over cleaning. I don’t rush. I sleep until I’m nourished. I do yoga, meditate, walk and rest.

I eat well to nourish myself from the inside out. I start my day with chugging water and taking vitamins.

I share all this with you in the name of a deep invitation.

  • What if you could give up feeling that you had to help others first?
  • What if you could treat yourself the way you would if a life depended upon it?
  • What would that look like for you?

In this new year, I invite you into deep levels of comfort. Let’s get cozy. I give you permission to rest. To sleep. To wander amongst the trees.

You don’t have to get it all done today. You don’t have to push yourself and please others at the expense of your hydration, nutrition, rest, or needs.

The lesson I’ve most learned being a pregnant mama is that in order to grow our greatest gifts for the world, we must nourish and cultivate a place of peace and comfort.

Peace, love, all these things that will transform the world- they start at home. Within our hearts, minds and spirits, and within our families.

From this space, a place of cozy peace and comfort, we can extend out and make a difference in the world at large.

In education, it’s Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. We know that a child can’t learn or thrive if their basic needs aren’t met.

In order to learn, to grow, to spread our wings, we must not be tired, hungry, or feel lonely.

  • What would it take to put your own comfort above all else?
  • What if your day revolved around hydrating, eating well, getting enough sleep, resting, meditating, walking, being in the sunshine and getting fresh air?
  • What if everything and everyone else came second?

I know that for some of us, if we’re new moms, or have full jobs, this is easier said than done. Yet, what would it look like if you resolved to live life like you would on a plane, knowing that even though the ride may get bumpy, you’re always in control of your own peace and comfort?

Would that be empowering for you? What would that make possible?

It’s often said that life begins at the edge of our comfort zone. That we must push our boundaries to grow. This is true sometimes. However, when we’re really growing, expanding, and meeting the needs of those we hold dear, we must get cozy. We must create a place of comfort.

This reminds me of one of my favorite songs. Have you heard it? Click play.


In this new year, I wish you comfort. Cozy, warm, sensual, good smelling, deeply fulfilling comfort and peace.


Rachel Claire

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