Your Wound is Your Medicine



When I was young, my father left. By two years old, I was being raised with my mom as a single mother. Most of my life I didn’t validate that this had any impact on me. As I’ve matured, through all the self-reflection and healing I’ve done, I’ve realized just how much my little two year-old self would have been deeply affected.

This has been my cross to bear. Navigating life with a wound. When a child is so young, and a parent leaves, we blame ourselves. Our brains aren’t fully developed, we’re not emotionally mature, we don’t know the ways of the world yet. We have no other option then to internalize it and think we did something to cause them to go.

Whatever wound you have, it’s likely the same. Something happened. It was painful. Your small self internalized it, made you wrong.

So, we get left with a wound. We have the wounded child archetype. We may have suffered a loss of self-esteem. We may have falsely believed that we aren’t lovable.

Then, we go about life with a winning formula. Some act, or defense, that hardens us to the world, protects our wounded hearts, and ensures that we won’t ever experience that again. We toughen up. We become uber successful.

Or, we go the other way. We have relationship struggles. We wrestle with addiction. We end up in harsh situations that continue to prove our story of our unworthiness.

When people come to me for a reading, I often see their original wound. I see where there was hurt, abuse, rejection, heart-ache, or where some belief arose that they had to do x to receive love and be valued.

At some point in our lives, it’s time heal ourselves. It’s time to let go of the story and to be who we truly are, without our armor or our wounds.

That is our purpose. That is our cross to bear. That is the thing we have to heal in this life. It’s our soul’s mission.

We can ignore it. We can push it away. That will bring on lessons in the outer world with more intensity.

Or, we can choose to go deep within, face our emptiness, our fear, our pain.

We can sit with it. Heal it. Re-parent ourselves so that we feel comforted here, and now.

Once we’ve learned to do this for ourselves, we become a light unto the world. We can teach others how to heal. We can share our stories, write our books, connect with others in their depths of pain and show them they’re not alone.

In this way we come healers, angels, transformational agents on the planet, making the world a better place.

So, in case you’ve not heard it before, I want to make sure it’s clear. Your wound is your medicine. It’s your gift. It’s where the light gets in, where you have enough depth of character to know suffering, that you can meet someone else there, in a real place, and heal.


To your infinite unfoldment and your journey home, to the truth of your perfect heart,


Rachel Claire


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