Your Pain Matters Too, Even in the Crazy Chaos of the World and Why You Should Share it Now More than Ever


I go to the gym. I’ve left my baby girl with her father and I’m free to run wild for a bit. Something’s gnawing at me.

I hop on the elliptical and when the song on my iphone comes on, I burst into tears. I’m so embarrassed. I’m in public.

There’s a woman next to me. I actually know her from long ago, but we haven’t yet acknowledged each other. I imagine myself hopping off the machine and rushing out of the gym.

I can do this, I think. I change the song. Breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth.

Then, I see a woman come in. She’s blind. She’s feeling the equipment, preparing to ride the bike. I imagine the world as it exists for her…dark. Instantly I think: see, it could be worse. I’m feeling bad, but I have my health, and my eyes.

This is such a trap. I do it, my clients do it, I bet you do it, too. We think that because someone else has it worse, we should be happy. We think that our pain isn’t as valid because others are suffering much worse.

It’s noble. It’s kind. We’re aware of our blessings and that’s good. Yet, we still deserve to feel what we feel, know what we know, and speak our truth.

We’re still allowed to feel and have our own pain that is very real + important to us, even with the immense tragedy in the world.

I almost think it’s more important now than ever that we honor + validate our own internal pain. Ignoring it, or measuring it up against someone else, won’t help anybody.

Being real, authentic, truthful with ourselves + others and sharing our pain helps us to let it go, to forgive and heal and move past the crippling behaviors that can keep us stuck if we don’t acknowledge the hurt we carry.

It’s only when we push something away, ignore it, or don’t look within that we go unconscious. This is when we lash out at others, project onto the world, and create pain and misery in our own lives + relationships.

If we want to see the world be different, if we desire peace, it starts within our own minds + hearts, here and now.

So even though the world is on fire, and terrorists are killing innocent people, and children are dying and your neighbor is blind, your pain matters too.

Feel it. Honor it. Name it. Talk about it. Let your heart heal so that you can be the best you possible and spread love to those around you.

We change the world by changing our vibration. To do that, we must go within. We must be in touch with ourselves, our own pain, our truth. When we deny, feel bad, stuff, or pretend, we do nothing for the world.

Shine on, you crazy diamond!

And if you’d like to talk about it, consider applying for a free strategy session with me.

Let the truth telling and healing begin.


All my love,


Rachel Claire

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