What is Consciousness and How Can You Have More of It?


When I was in college I would walk through the student center on my way to the computer lab, and that’s where I found Joanne. She was selling metaphysical gemstones by the main entrance. First, I just smiled, said hi and walked by. Soon enough I began to stop, admire the jewels and try them on.

After awhile, I was a regular. I’d buy her stones in the form of rings + necklaces. I’d sit there for half a day reading up on the books she had telling me all about the metaphysical properties and I’d be inspired and elated. I distinctly remember riding my bike home with my first piece of moldavite, staring at my hand as I rode.

She told me about the Landmark Forum. I drove all the way to Denver on a cold, rainy night to learn more about it and attend an introduction.

I thought the people were kooky at best and that it wasn’t my thing. Besides, who the hell had that kind of money to spend on something that they don’t even know what it really is?

Eventually, I was persuaded. Good thing, too. For it changed my whole life and woke me up in a way I didn’t know possible. I transformed relationships to people, to money, upgraded my whole life, made new friends and went on cruises through the Caribbean while also attending seminars and courses.

One distinction that Landmark made was that context is decisive. Whatever you’re talking about, the context in which you’re referring to it, and the definition you’re operating from, determine everything. Therefore, whenever we’re talking about something, we need to know the definition.

We have to know what we’re talking about, and it has to be an agreed upon, or shared, definition.

For example, they define integrity as honoring yourself as your word. Doing what you said you would do by when you said you would do it. Helpful, right?

They define love as: accepting someone exactly as they are and exactly as they aren’t. Brilliant, eh?

So, today, I want to make sure that when we talk about consciousness, we’re talking about the same thing, as I talk about it a lot.

There’s a lot of talk these days about being awake, aware, conscious. It sounds great, right? Yet, do we really know what it means?

Here’s what consciousness means to me. It means reality. It means that you’re aware of what’s going on. It doesn’t mean that you’re happy all the time, or pretending, or acting like anything is okay and you can handle people treating you like crap because you’re conscious and you can take it.

No. Consciousness is awareness. It means that you see what’s going on. You’re not in denial. 

To me, it’s synonymous with being psychic. Clairvoyant. Conscious. Aware. My clairvoyance, more than showing up like seeing spirits walking around, actually means that I can see into people. I see what’s under the surface. I see the truth, the patterns + dynamics at play. I can’t easily be fooled.

Now, I love to play with consciousness through classes and hands on healing with a modality called, The Bars.

The founder, Gary Douglas, says that anyone who receives the Bars will become conscious. To me, it’s a wonderful way to transform the world and wake people up!

My journey through college, into gemstones, then transformational seminars at Landmark Education, psychic work, and now also with Access Consciousness, has contributed greatly to my awareness.

What are the benefits of being aware?

  • You’ll clear out old, past energy + patterns that no longer serve you!
  • you’ll release foreign energy, or other “entity” energy, leaving more space for you!
  • You’ll be able to make clearer decisions for yourself with ease!
  • You’ll know what feels good to you and tap into your own lightness + joy!
  • You’ll have an experience of being more conscious- that’s to say awake + aware!

I offer the Bars because it’s one of the fastest, easiest ways I know for people to transform their energy + feel better. It’s like deleting all our old computer files in our brain.

Just imagine all the input you’ve received in your whole life. Where does it all go? How do you discharge it? Well, when you have these points held on your head, it releases the energy- it deletes the old files!

Click the link to learn more about the Access Bars and if you’re local to Boulder, come have a session with me, I’d love to meet you and share this amazing healing modality with you!

In the end, consciousness is a choice. It’s a choice we make to choose to see, to be real, to be aware + to follow what feels light + juicy for us, instead of believing old lies, or old programming about what’s possible.

Get started today with this awesome question you can ask to open up more choice + awareness: What else is possible?

Make the choice to ask that question + be in that inquiry + watch how new possibilities show up! Allow the universe to surprise you!


Mantra for you today:


All of life comes to me with ease, joy + glory!


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All my love,

Rachel Claire

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