The Sun Shines on Everyone and Other Helpful Thoughts for Times of Pain

“If you don’t see God in all, then you can’t see God at all.”~ Yogi Bhajan.

I’m struggling because right now I want to hate and blame and rage.

And yet, my heart whispers my truth, that forgiveness is always the answer.

That inside of oneness, of love, of Christ Consciousness, there is no other.

So, no matter how evil I think someone’s actions are, it does no good for me to condemn, judge, blame. Sure, it feels good. Self-righteousness, being right, blaming, condemning, all of these strengthen the ego and give a false sense of power.

I know my truth, though, that I must look upon what I see and hold love for all- forgive- see my fellow humans as myself and not hold them in contempt, but work to heal inside where what wants to come out is rage.

What hurts even more is seeing the beautiful people fight over what’s right, what view is right. “And you better be on my side or you’re a fucking jerk!” Ouch.

I know, I want to do it, too.

Divisiveness, no matter how horrendous the tragedy, will never heal. Rage will never heal. Persecuting, blaming and killing for horrible acts, will never make it right.

Love and only love can heal.

Forgiveness of one another, heals. All of this we see becomes an inside job. An invitation to sit, to feel, to breathe, to ache, to love, to forgive. Even when what we most want to do is kill.

This is transformation.

If you’re out there, debating and fighting with people you don’t even know, defending, raging, blaming, attacking, I invite you deep into the stillness of your own breath + heart.

It doesn’t mean you don’t use your fuel to take action to do what you think you must, but bring consciousness into your moments...and look at what you’re creating…is it more of the same?

Is it helpful? Generative? Healing?

Hurt people hurt people and this is a perpetuation of a cycle of violence that has existed throughout human history. And we so want people to choose differently. We so want to be done with this- many of we enlightened, awakened, 5th dimensional, #wokeaf people…

…but more war isn’t the answer, my friend. That’s not consciousness. That’s choosing anti-consciousness.

Choice is our super power. What will you choose? Be conscious enough to ask the questions: What will this create?


We don’t win by beating down. We win by loving UP.

Being kind, loving gentle, these are not reserved for the few, or for some, or the right ones, or the good ones, or the brown ones, this is for everyone.

As one of my favorite singers says, “The sun shines on everyone…it doesn’t make choices…”

Check out this beautiful song, and may it bring peace to your tender heart.

All my love,


Rachel Claire

Peace to all, life to all, love to all, ram ram hare ram…

When we pray, we pray for everyone…

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