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Why it’s Hard to Ask for Help and What to Do about It

I was born to a bright, loving woman in Ohio in the year 1978. She is a strong woman. A courageous woman. She knows a lot. Holds wisdom. She can do anything, or so it seemed to me, as an impressionable young girl, growing in her shadow. I say shadow on purpose. For though we…

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Are You Stingy with Your Likes? How Facebook is a New Currency that You Can Use to Change the World

“Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”~Henry Wordsworth Longfellow I’ve noticed an interesting phenomena. When I share a status update about my day, 40 likes. A trip I’m going on? 50. When I work on a blog post for two days, and share the deepest spiritual truths…

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How to Market Yourself and Attract Clients in 5 Easy Steps

How to clear your money blocks

Does the word psychic make you squirm? Some of my friends report that they don’t like my website name, The Boulder Psychic. You’re so much more than a psychic! They say. It’s true. Psychic isn’t necessarily the best term to describe who I am or what I have to offer. It is a great term…

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