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How Men & Women Can Have Healthy Boundaries in Relationship and How to Tell if Your Boundaries are In Balance

If you didn’t go up with present, appropriate and loving adults, then you were neglected or abused in some way. Turns out, that’s good news. Check out this quote from one of my favorite teachers & authors, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes: “The original abandonment, the original abuse, the original horror has some reason and meaning…

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The #1 Way to Identify a Soul-Mate Relationship

  I remember the day that my girlfriends and I had been out shopping and they left it up to me to pick our place for lunch. I chose a local Italian restaurant I had not been to in awhile. When we entered, my eyes fell immediately upon a handsome male I’d never seen before. As…

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The 3 Questions You Must Ask In Relationship to Know What You Value and What You Want

Dearly Beloved, If there’s one job we have in relationship, it’s to clearly communicate our needs. Then, it’s up to the other person whether or not they’ll meet them. The problem is that we have to unravel the past conditioning we’ve inherited.  We’re trained to not really show up, to not put our needs on the…

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The Top Two Things Women Must Do to Heal & Attract a Healthy Relationship

It can be hard to voice our needs once we are in relationship. We fear that we may lose the other person, or, that we’ll be judged. We’d rather die than have people not like us, or come off as needy. The fact is, many of us grew up in homes where we tried to please…

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