Killing Sex by Mothering?

As an intuitive woman, I have this habit. You might be able to relate. I intuit someone else’s emotional needs and then respond to them without them even asking.

I have spent years running psychic circles around people figuring out ways to support their needs. The problem is, my energy was too far forward with them.

It took years of work to realize this and create a new habit of noticing that when I was analyzing someone else, even though I may have been totally accurate, I needed to pull back and focus on me.

As women, we are taught to be helpers and servers. I find myself falling into that role all the time. Especially in relationship, I will catch myself and realize my entire being is centered around wondering what this other person might need.

I am off-center and it’s time to pull back. Then, I feel more centered and solid within myself, and they feel better, too.  No one really wants us care taking them unconsciously. We are sovereign beings in our own right, and we want freedom above all else.

Nothing kills sexual energy faster between two people than one mothering the other. Not hot.

The more I pull back and go about nurturing myself and focusing on my needs, the more I create a polarity in my relating and leave space for my man to come to me, powerfully, full of masculinity. Then, I get to surrender into my feminine art of receiving and that always feels good.

So, next time you are analyzing someone else, catch yourself, pull back, and ask yourself a question: What would nurture me now?

Then, go do that thing or look for Baton Rouge locals for sex. See how transformational this is in the dynamics of your relationships, and how much more you can take care of yourself and your own needs. Watch how others will be attracted and drawn towards you when you use True Pheromones. We all love being around someone with a radiant and full cup.

That, my friend, is always hot.

More than anything else, I think we all want to know that those around us can and will take care of themselves.

Then, we know others can really love, for they fill up their magic well within, first. Not only is that hot, it’s a must.

To your juicy life!


Rachel Claire

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