Could this Common Problem Be Holding Single Women Back from Attracting Their Mates?


The other day I was energetically reading a client. She wanted to know why she wasn’t attracting a partner when she was athletic, healthy, attractive, had an on-line profile and was visualizing receiving a mate.

When I looked at her energetic body, I could see that she had her mother’s energy stored in her second Chakra.

Subtle, or not so subtle messages about what it means to be a sexual being were energetically in this woman’s Sacral Chakra, preventing her from really embodying and feeling her true  sensual nature, and thus attracting a mate from her authentic energy.

When we have been corded by another person, their energy can be in our energetic system, stored in our Chakras. Often, this does not feel good to us, so our spirits will not fully inhabit our body, as something or someone else is. So, we become disembodied, our spirit hangs out near our body, but not fully anchored in. 

When we clear out other people’s energy and begin to consciously heal ourselves by running our own energies, we make it inviting for our own spirit to come fully back into our body, and then we are in our own energies and thus can attract a mate, or whatever it is we wish to create, from that place- a place of being ourselves, rather than trying to attract someone while we are energetically dissonant.

Cording is common and happens all the time. Lovers can cord one another during sex, or, if one partner wants to leave and the other does not, one will energetically cord the other to attempt to have some semblance of control.

Parents will cord children in an effort to remain connected and because they are energetically enmeshed.

I think of a cord as an energetic leash of light energy between two people’s Chakras.

The problem is that if we were shamed as children, or if we lived with parents who were not comfortable with sexuality, or their own bodies, or their own power, then they likely energetically sent us messages about what it means to be a woman, or to be sexual, or how we should behave.

Then, we have an energetic cap on how good we can feel, how sensual we allow ourselves to be, how much pleasure we’ll receive and how BIG we can live our lives.

We’ll tone ourselves down and hide out so that we don’t disappoint our parents.

The problem is, we are never going to please our parents, or whomever we are trying to please now.

We have to please ourselves, honor our power, own who we really are and live an authentic life from that place. We have to put ourselves in the center and shine the light of consciousness on our unconscious patterns.

It is vital that we begin to realize that we are spirtitual beings, and as such, we have bodies; but we are made up of energy and light. That energy can be healed, cleaned, cleared and revitalized. New possibilities for being are waiting for us.

Once we release other things, or other people from our energetic space, we give ourselves permission to show up more fully.

Then we feel good, for our own energy feels good to us. When we have chronic pain and can’t heal, we are likely carrying entities or energy that is not our own.

An easy tool from Access Consciousness to use is to say, “Is this mine or someone or something else?” Trust your first instinct. If it is someone or something else, say, “Return to sender with consciousness.”

Another thing you can do is run your earth and cosmic energies and ground yourself.

If you don’t know how to do this, make sure you download my FREE REPORT above, and get your free guided meditations, where I teach you how to easily move energy and heal yourself.

Healing is easy and natural when we own our space and get conscious about our energy and how we use it. 

The root of a problem you’re experiencing may very well be just that someone or something else is taking up space in your energetic system.The more you meditate and sense what you feel like, the more you’ll notice when you’re energy needs a healing and foreign energy has invaded your space.

For my woman client seeking a mate, identifying that energy in her Chakra as not her own, and pulling out the cord and filling in that Chakra with her own energy, all that allows her to be more clear and open for receiving an energetic match to her true energy.

Furthermore, validating the messages we received from our parents around sexuality, sensuality, shame, or anger is very healing.

When an energetic “picture” or message that we lived through, heard a lot, or inherited as a seeming “truth” that was not actually our truth, is seen, acknowledged and validated, it actually disappears. As they said in my Landmark Education days, “Acknowledgement gives completion.”

Healing is natural, subtle and available to us, but we must become like Jedi Knights, sensing the forces at play on an energetic level all around us and trusting ourselves enough to know when something shifts, our energy changes, or we feel, “out of sorts.”

Honoring that we have awareness beyond what we were taught and allowing ourselves to claim our right to know what we know is a good place to start. 

What are you aware of that you’ve been resisting knowing? Would you be willing to live like you are way more aware than you’ve ever been given credit for?

What would that make possible?

If you’re ready to heal your aura, clear your Chakras and fully embody your energy, awareness and power, so you can attract what YOU desire, I’d love to serve you!

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All my love,


Rachel Claire


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