Are You Abandoning Yourself for Them?

dreamstime_s_29365026I think that all our problems can boil down to this one thing: Abandoning Self. 

If we’re stuck, hurting, or depressed in our relationships and feel alone, often it is that our attention is outside of ourself, on other. 

Whether we’re a mom who is giving it all to care for our babe, or a wife who is trying to please and care for our husband, or a young person who is trying to please mom or dad and not disgrace the family, it seems we’re often pulled on to give up one important thing: our Self.

With the clients I see, most everything can be boiled down to this: People whose energy is not high, and they feel depressed, or stuck or bored with life, it’s often that we’ve shut down our creative energy somewhere.

Here are some questions I have for you if you feel less than great:

  • Are you going for daily walks?
  • Are you spending time alone in silence?
  • Are you getting out in nature?
  • Are you dancing?
  • Are you allowing yourself to express creatively? Painting, dancing, making art, expressing sensuality?
  • Are you telling the truth?

Our energy centers, chakras, are the light centers of our body where our spiritual information is stored and how we express through matter in the body. Our energy is directly related to how well our chakras are functioning.

The reason they don’t function is if we’ve been energetically whacked by another, or we’ve been invaded by other entity energy, or we’ve shut ourselves down out of fear.

To have healthy chakras, we have to put attention on our energy body. We have to be willing to express ourselves authentically. We have to express, create and tell the truth.

Essentially, we have to thrive, and if we’re not, then something is blocking us. Often, it is other entity energy, and often it is something that we can work out or work through if we clear our energy, meditate, and connect with our deep inner wisdom.

You’re meant to thrive. You deserve a life you love that is fulfilling. This doesn’t mean you never have hard times, or you never feel pain, as that’s part of life. Yet, most of the time, you can feel content in your life and quite happy.

However, this is only possible if you’re being true to you- you’re not abandoning self.

  • Every time you think you have to give up what you want to please another, you’re abandoning you.
  • Every time you sacrifice your own needs or joy to lament over a past lover, you’re abandoning you.
  • Every time you choose that addictive behavior, or that fantasy, over telling the truth and choosing something empowering, you’re abandoning you.

Your primary relationship is with yourself. Likely, it’s a wounded one. Your little girl inside sometime gave up her rights to an older adult. She had to, you couldn’t leave your parents and go out on your own when you were two.

Now, however, you’re the adult. Now, you can take care of you and you can go out into the world and choose for you and create a life in which you thrive. To do this, you have to side with yourself, heal your little inner girl, reparent her now by giving her what she needs, right now, from you.

You’re the one. You’re the one you’ve been waiting for. You are okay and you will be there for you.

If your life is not what you want, I have one question for you:

Where are you not telling the truth?

Then, I invite you to begin stepping up, telling your truth, stating your needs, setting healthy boundaries, and loving your internal little girl and giving her the love and approval she so craves.

And, let her out to play. Let her dance, let her wander, let her make art and let her dress up and put on make-up. Take her out.

If you can’t, then get support with what’s blocking you. Sign up for a free session with me and let’s get you clear + flowing so you can thrive in life and feel good about your expression in the world.


All my love,
Rachel Claire

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